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Monday , July , 15 2024
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Community and Corporate Health Events

Vision and hearing are important components of our overall health and well-being. Just like weight loss, smoking cessation and other wellness programs provided by community centers and corporate wellness programs, people need to make sure they’re on the right track in keeping their eyes and ears in good health. People may be affected by vision or hearing problems related to numerous causes. For example:

-- Although computer monitors are not overtly harmful to the eyes, safety concerns may result if eyeglass prescriptions are not up-to-date and regular eye exams do not take place. This is especially important in today’s workplace, where 80 percent of all employees work on a personal computer.

-- Recreational noise is a leading source of hearing problems. We are bombarded daily by noise. Ironically, dangerous sound levels often come from activities we choose to do.

Sight & Hearing Association’s Community and Corporate Health Screening Program consists of vision and hearing screenings conveniently offered on-site at community gathering places and in corporate offices. Screening professionals from the Sight & Hearing Association will perform the following:

  • Risk assessment – initial questionnaire about the individual’s vision and hearing history
  • Visual acuity screen – checks to see how well the individual sees both near and far. Equipment used: Titmus® Vision Screener
  • Glaucoma screen – checks for early signs of this blinding disease. Equipment used: Humphrey® WelchAllyn FDT Visual Field Instrument
  • Pure tone audiometry screen – checks to see how well the individual hears various high and low frequencies. Equipment used: Grason Stadler GSI 17 Pure Tone Audiometer

In addition, event participants will receive educational fact sheets regarding vision and hearing health issues, copies of their screening results and, if needed, recommendations to seek further evaluation. For more information, please contact SHA at 651-645-2546, ext. 11.