Celebrating over 80 years of identifying and preventing vision and hearing loss, in partnership with

other professional and community organizations, by providing screenings, education and research.

Monday , July , 15 2024
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A gift to the Sight & Hearing Association will help 

support our work of enabling lifetime learning 

by identifying preventable loss of vision and hearing.


You Can Help!

$25 will pay for vision and hearing screenings for one child.

$50 will pay for supplies for one piece of hearing equipment used to screen children and adults.

$100 will pay for an eye exam and eyeglasses for a low-income child.

$250 will ensure one elementary-school class learns about hearing conservation through our Know Noise™ program.

$350 will provide a hearing aid for a low-income, hearing impaired adult.

$500 will help pay for a statewide public awareness campaign about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss.

$1,000 will help ensure an entire school receives vision and hearing screenings for their students.