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Monday , July , 15 2024
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Early Childhood Centers & Charter Schools

The Sight & Hearing Association (SHA) screens the vision and hearing of nearly 10,000 children each year in child care centers, Head Start programs and Charter schools. SHA employs teams of medically-trained health professionals who will provide onsite, age-appropriate, clinic-quality vision and hearing health screenings to your students.  Thorough documentation of each child's health screening is provided, in addition to guidance regarding any "next steps", if a health referral is needed.  Read what leaders say about SHA’s early childhood and school-age screening programs.

Char P., Health Services Coordinator
“I would like to express how grateful we are for the services of Sight and Hearing Association. Their level of professionalism and skill is always evident in the care they take with each individual child. Their interaction with the Head Start staff is one of partnership toward a common goal of vision and hearing health and education for all Head Start Children. These qualities are hard to find and sustain, and Anoka/Washington County values their contribution to our program. As an added benefit, Sight and Hearing Association provides vision vouchers to Head Start children that need further eye exams and glasses. It is this type of extended service and care that set them apart from other vendors.”  

Ann L., Director
“I would recommend Sight & Hearing Association’s screening program because there are a lot of things your program picks up that we were unaware of and so were the parents. Often times, I think there is a general feeling that if the child has had his or her routine physicals, that things will be caught. But there is a lot that is missed that you catch. We had a child who walked in one day wearing her glasses for the first time. She looked up at her teacher and said, ‘Wow, I can see. I can see the book.’ ” 

Linda H., Director
“I feel that the more the information and facts you can get into the hands of parents the better. Three of our kids last year were picked up for amblyopia. Their pediatrician was thrilled, the parents were thrilled, everybody was thrilled. The process is so non-threatening to the kids. The screeners who come to our site ask to be called grandmas. Even their language about the process, (e.g. “Listen to the birdies chirping,”) is so non-threatening that the children are comfortable right away. I plan to use this service every year. I wouldn’t say that if the parents wouldn’t have been so supportive. They were really impressed with the service."

Charlotte T., Director
“[Sight & Hearing Association screeners] have been out here for a number of years. We have had parents come back to us and say how much they appreciate that this screening is available to them. [SHA] has caught a number of hearing and vision problems, where the parents had no clue their child was not able to see. I like that you come to us and that it’s during class hours, which makes it convenient for us, for the kids and for the parents. I find the screeners are very easy to work with. They sincerely like what they’re doing and they like the kids.” 

Melanie L., Early Childhood Specialist; Children's Services Coordinator
“The screeners are impressive at how they work with children (at the age they’re at); they’re so patient and fun with the 3-year-olds who are inattentive and yet can explain how the body works to the inquisitive 5-year-old. The screener’s range of knowledge is impressive, they’re easy to work with and very flexible. Without good vision and hearing, it’s much more difficult for children to learn. The skills go hand in hand. We find that when a child can’t see or hear, they’re the children who we’ve found have had a harder time learning, paying attention. It is an easy indicator; easily treated.” 

Community and Corporate Organizations

TCF Bank
"You provide such helpful information and our employees love your booth! We are so glad you can join our health event every year.”

City of Maplewood
“We want to extend to you a big thank you for your help and participation in our Health Fair. Our employees were delighted with your screenings and they found your information very helpful. We look forward to seeing you again next year!”


Ana S.
“Thank you for helping my son! Ricardo wears his glasses all the time and I know he is getting better grades.”

Gail P.
“You caught my daughter’s lazy eye; we are so pleased. Your screeners were friendly and so very helpful. Thank you!”

Lori L.
“I like that you come to my daughter’s daycare. It is so convenient for us and it makes it easier for Ellie, too, because she hates going to the doctor’s office. Thank you for making it such a pleasant experience!” 

Hearing Aid Bank Clients

"I'm a nurse and communicating with patients is a big part of my job. Being unable to hear has made my job very difficult for me. These hearing aids have been such a blessing – thank you!"

"My hearing aids have made such a tremendous difference in my life. I can communicate again – I understand what is being said. Thank you for helping me hear again!"

Bob T.
"My thanks to the Hearing Aid Bank of Minnesota for my new hearing aids! Got them today, and am marveling at what I've been missing. (My refrigerator makes noise? I'll be darn!) I can't wait to apply my new "talent" to whatever career opportunities come my way. Thank You Again!!!"